Video of the Month

Monday, December 05, 2016

What a stupid thing made my day!!

What I weird week I'm having. It's something between "Yeah I'm getting my goals" and " No, not yet. I'm not ready to be in the spotlight". Something between personal and proffesional goals. 

And it does scare a bit. The good one was, as I tell you now:

I was this morning watching this video of "Why you should watch Angel" and thinking "I have to tag Netflix on this one, they have to show this up". 

My husband meanwhile was right behind me. I didn't know why. I thought he was also watching the video, but when Lorne come up on it I begged silence in the room. I didn't notice there was something else waiting to be reached by me.

So after all, I looked at my husband and he said " I have a surprise for you". Just in the table, right in front me the most awesome keyring ever. What such stupid thing made my day!!!

Now my keys look cool and heartfelt. Even with a touch of green...

So, Do you like my keyring? Send me your thoughts below, thank you!