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Monday, December 26, 2016

Wandering around

I have been two weeks since the last time I wrote something in here, I've been busy with work and family life but I also have been wondering all these things that have been happening in my life lately where it would take me.

You might know that every decision we make marks the path we are to make on our lives. I wonder then if the path I'm now taking is taking me somewhere, and where it should take me.

I have been picturing myself in this little town of Cape Cod in 10 years time, wandering around, travelling - as I have always wanted- those places that would remind me somehow to those people I love - that might be still alive or not-. There are so many places I want to go, so many places I want to visit back and remember how life brought me to that moment.

I have so many plans for this place, and I hope everything will work out so I can reach my goal - which I'm still defining.

But in all this, something wonderful it is happening. I feel magic is all around me.

And I'm sure you are wondering "What the Hell has to do this with Andy?". It's all related, because those things that make me dream, those are the things that keep me going in this tough world: music, tv shows, good people (good hearted people), green & red (LOL) and this place.

I will be sharing with you very soon some of my projects that I hope you like, and may want to join me in this fun ride.

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