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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

4 Things that makes me an Andy obsessive 💚

Sometimes it does feel weird feeling this way, but I can't help it. Maybe you're feeling the same ?

Green is never again the same colour to you as before. Andy's iconic character, Lorne, changes everything and where everything starts. Green is never again the same and demons are ain't the same to you after knowing this one from Pylea.

If Andy’s name is not on the credits, you feel disappointed. From the beginning you know he becomes regular, so seaon 4 is exciting and season 5 of Angel become the best of all.

Lady Marmelaid is never the same again despite Christina Aguilera’s cover on Moulin Rouge. It was a great cover, and I love the movie, but Andy's voice in there gives it a different colour.

When you name things related to Andy with his name instead of the name's object. I tend to lose my keys very often (it's a Andy Hallett/Angel keyring) so I have found myself many times saying "Where's my Andy?" and all people around looking around get all puzzled (lol). 😁

What other things you think makes all addicted to Andy?. 💚

Send me your thoughts, leave your comment down below! Thank you.

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