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Monday, December 19, 2016

11 Reasons To Love Lorne 💗

I was viewing some videos when I came across with this one which I thought was a funny one. It was exactly what I was looking for to post in here!

I just transcribed the video because there are some parts that cannot be read well.  But it is definetely a worth watching and reading, they are fun at the least!

Video and copywright on the following to Lady Nafertiti.

Number 1
If you are curious about what the hell he is, he doesn’t seem to mind when you poke him… as Fred seems to be doing and by the looks of her she’s fascinated by him…

Number 2
He is nice guy… uh…demon, as he always seems to have smile on his face unless he is reading you …

Number 3
He is an empathy demon and he can read aura’s and tell your destiny, all you have to do to find it out.  Just sing a little song and it doesn’t matter which one. ^_^

Number 4
He is nearly always there if you need someone to listen to your problems and to get and get advice … well he’s your man…well, demon…

Number 5
If you are female… and with Lorne you can always be sure he will compliment you as he’s just full of them ^_~ (Come on girls, we like to be complimented, don’t we?)

Number 6
You know you will always be saved from having to hear Angel sing with Lorne around as he puts a stop TP it straight away…

Number 7
You never have to worry about going out on the town with Lorne and him getting drunk on you to the point where you have carry him home as the effects of normal alcohol don’t affect him, although be careful around certain magical brews!!!

Number 8
He’s the host of a club called Caritas, where you will be saved as he makes sure there’s a spell on the club that doesn’t allow demon or human violence in it. So you can have fun and a safe night out at Caritas

Number 9
You’re guaranteed a good laugh with Lorne around as he can be quite comical at times… and we all love a good laugh… The great thing is the doesn’t mind being the comedian  ^_^

Number 10
If you are having trouble sleeping… call on him and ask him to sing you to sleep, he might oblige if you ask nicely.
Just be careful not to sing along though, cause if you love him to bits he might just read you!!!

And last but not least:

While with Lorne you never have to worry about him raising his hand to you if you piss him off, he absolutely hates violence of any shape or form (Ladies, that’s gotta be a Bonus!!)

... so in the end you may agree or may not... But I have to confess that I've seen myself few times on number 10...  💗

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