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Monday, November 14, 2016

How I got here... (Andy Hallett's memory must live on)

Around end of the 90's we got Buffy. We all remember that, don't we? But I have to confess I didn't watch the whole show. I started to pay more attention when every now and then I will see the issues that Buffy and Spike had. I loved Spike even then!
I never watched Angel. Never really like him despite I liked David Boreanaz.

Beginning of this year Syfy will start showing reruns of the show. At home we would sat every day to watch every episode from the very beginning.

And when that show ended, we got the whole show of Angel on DVD and started watching.

Never really like these demon and vampire things, but I got to love Spike (and James Marsters) and well, you will agree that Lorne is not the classic demon. When you think of a demon, you think of someone ugly, nasty and basically EVIL. All those things that our Host is not.

Then this episode came where he sings.... and that was it. He got me trapped, bewitched and hypnotized by his voice. Then I learn a little about Andy and after few days I decided to create this page of my own to share my thoughts and feelings - I'm a very emotional woman- and let it be this as well a little tribute to what he meant to all fans back then and to those who will know him in the future, and to remind those old fans he must be remembered.

7 years on his memory must live on.

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