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Sunday, February 17, 2019

10th Anniversary Video Project Tribute - Join!

Wouldn't it be awesome to have all messages of everyone who loves and remembers Andy in one place, one and only video?.

Join the video project for Andy's 10th Anniversary.

You can send

  • Your message to Andy (2 lines max.)
  • Your fave photo of Andy or your photo with Andy and you
  • Your fave memory
  • 15 secconds video with message.

Feel free to share this with everyone you know! 

Let's keep the flame up and burning πŸ’šπŸ”₯

"He thought that was so funny he had to tell his manager" Wayne Champman

Time flies. A month passed by since I last wrote in here. Life's been busy and bright!

But I am sure you don't want to read about me, but to know about Andy and my life around him.

I actually have few things to share but first things first.

Few days ago I got an email from Wayne He shared his photo with Andy and the memories on that moment,

I just love so much when this happens!!

The photo was taken at the Buffy Posting Board Party in L.A. in 2001 .

"Andy was such a delight! I told him I thought it was Quentin Tarantino under all that makeup the first time I saw Lorne on Angel, and he thought that was so funny he had to tell his manager, who was also there that night. "
Wayne Chapman.

Thank you Wayne for sharing this with me and all Andy fans. What an awesome photo and moment!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

10th Anniversary Special Tribute: Full Info Here

If I have to be honest I have imagined this year quite a bit different. Then again I never imagined my life would have changed this way. Life has changed so much in these two years. Life will keep changing in the next two years.

Anyway, since the year started I felt this would be a good year. I would get all my goals done, I would make all my dreams come true.

Since I am going to be very focus on my new business - still trying to find my place in this world though I thought I have already found it!- , I decided to make two major projects on this first half of the year. (On the second half I am doing two Lorne Marathons and a Watch Party).

The main thing for me, as always has been, is to keep Andy's memory and let young/new generations to know Andy as he was. That's why I am asking for your help: share, share, share, share.  The more the better. πŸ™

If you have anything to add to this page (info, photos, etc.),  please feel free to go to the Forum here and share with everyone there!

I have two main goals this year:

🌈 Grow my mailing list (you can suscribe here) +20 people

🌈 Grow The Andy Hallett Online Community in +100 (Facebook and Forum)

🌈 Find 2 moderators for the Andy Hallett forum and make it work!

I know I can't do it alone so I need you in this! Sharing, commenting or recommending this place to people you know.

10th Anniversary Special Tribute

πŸ“Œ Watch Party at The Andy Hallett Onlince Community Facebook Group

Please, feel free to share the Photo below anywhere.

πŸ“Œ Video Project with all your messages to Andy (remember to include Name and Country). Email me or post it here (Forum).
Feel Free to post these photos on all your networks.

Andy will always be close to my heart. Andy will always be my inspiration to be a better me. That's why I need to do this and make sure everyone in this virtual world won't lost track of our dear Andy Hallett. πŸ’š

If you want to help reaching my goals or/and you love Andy, Lorne, Angel, Buffy (etc.), please share this as many times as you can, comment and  I hope to read you soon around the Andy Hallett Online Community.

Have an awesome and happy year.πŸ’‹

Thanks for visiting and sharing.πŸ™†

Ginny xx

Monday, November 12, 2018

My life will suck without you

Remember when a while ago I used to write about those songs it would remind me to Andy?. I got so busy I stopped paying attention to music's messages.

This song somehow reminds me of Andy. It actually puts myself into a super positive mood and when singing those lines I see Andy's beautiful face looking back downπŸ˜„. You crazy chick, must think if he actually does look down πŸ™ˆ

I believe.

🎢"Cauuse we belong together now yeah.... you got a piece of me... And honestly my life will suck without you"🎀🎢

(If only I had half the voice Kelly has...πŸ˜… )

My life will actually suck without Andy (and this site). πŸ’š

Got any song lately that reminds you of Andy?. Share with me on the comments below. Thanks 😊

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Happy Second Anniversary.... to me!

Two years I started this site. You can check it, first entry was on November 6th 2016. 😲

Two days before my birthday I remember watching the Slayerfest Youtube video and since then, my life has not been the same. 😍

My heart felt like it find a little light that flooded it all. It felt like it was back in one piece.

And as strange as it is, right after that it broke into a million pieces. It will recover from the pain and then again, broke again.πŸ’š

For months it's been like that. I'm not sure it healed already.

This site is my therapy. It is the place where I keep coming back, the place where Andy still lives among us. He is still here. Somehow.πŸ˜‡

Probably the blame's on me for denying the reality. But how can you accept it?.πŸ˜“

I can only think of the pain all friends and family must has suffered and suffer now today. I can only apologize for being so blind and selfish. πŸ˜©πŸ™

One of the risks of this site is the constant feeling of being alone in this. I mean, I know there are many people that still remember him, still think of him. They just don't go on the Internet and spread out, right?.😌

I am sorry if anyone is hurt with my words. I feel I need to let this all out. I need to do this for my own good the best way I know.πŸ’š

Two years ago all started. It all started ending. Now I can only expect brilliant things to come.😊

Thank you for being part of this . Here's to lot more ! πŸ™†

Ginny xx

Monday, November 05, 2018

Untie the Poll!: Next Event Watch And Comment Episode.

In case you don't know How this works.

Every month I do a watch and comment episode. So you must get your DVDs ready!!!

Check this site and the forum for the date and full details.

Once the day arrives, make sure you are logged in on the Forum. At the bottom of the page you will find a chatroom. Join me there for a proper Andy Hallett and Lorne Tribute.

This month's event is very special since it's this site's 2nd Anniversary so I hope you all join me in this.

Other reason why this special. You all chose this month's event! Get everything ready because we are having big party this time!

These are the results of  the Poll on Twitter and Facebook

Poll Results:

Hush : 28,57% of the votes (6)
Spin In The Bottle: 28,57% of the votes. (6)
No Place like Pritz Glrb: 19,05% of the votes. (3)
The House Always Wins: 9,52%. (2)
Through the Looking Glass: 4,76% of the votes. (1)

Save the Date: Sunday 25th November 2018. 5.30 pm UK time. 6.30 p.m. Berlin Time, Noon NYC Time, 11.30 am. L.A. time.

Untie the Poll!! Click here to choose your fave episode and I see you all at the Forum's chatroom next November 25th to watch and comment any of those 2 episodes (Hush or Spin In The Bottle).

Thanks for checking in. πŸ™†

See you soon 

Ginny xx

P.S. If you like this, please, vote on the button below and share with your friends. Thank you πŸ’šπŸ’‹

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Dream I had last night.

I had a dream tonight. I fall asleep at a foreign bed, I woke up into another reality. Everything was so bright, so clean, so peaceful.

I went out of the bedroom. I heard a water sound on the room next door.

I looked out the doorstep and there you were. Big smile, full of joy and looking like you were never gone.

When I woke up I could only remember how much I miss you. The peace your smile always provides me, real or not.

Thank you these magic moments. Real or not.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

When I thought I was going to have a heart attack! πŸ’š

It happened. 

I never thought it would. Ok, that's not exactly like that. I expected to happen sometime but I completely forgot It could happen. I was too focus on my career (again), on my family on my present, on my pure joy of living today and not the past or present that I completely forgot something else could happen. Beautiful wonders of Internet.

But I tell you something, past always knocks on you when you least expect. It always happen.

A very lovely lady contacted through Instagram. This site's Instagram.

She told she found my site and liked it. 

She is friend of Andy's mum, Laurie. She also told me Laurie knew about this site (😱).

If you are suscribed to this site (and are part of Facebook and/or Andy Hallett Online Community) you might have read already about this. I needed to share here because it's been over a week since it happened, my emotions are back to normal, I have calm down and I can see how much of a shock that was. Still is, but as I said, life moves on and there's so much to celebrate!! Celebrate what Andy was and still is for so many people.

I truly believe this.

So this lovely lady sent me a message from Laurie herself: " thank you for always remembering my son !". And sent a couple of photos of Andy you sure you'll love as much I do.

Afterwards she told me to add Laurie to my Facebook,  she sent me a message, I answered......

It all happen so fast I think I handled everything pretty well πŸ˜‚

It was all so emotional. Thank God I had my friend on Nantucket to do some crazy talk and deal with this the best way.πŸ’š

Eventually my world staggered for a moment but a song reminded of my way in life. More on this on my next post 😊

Life seems pretty damn perfect now.  And this site's and its events have lot to do with it.

Just little reminder we are having a watch and comment episode next month, so stay tune for full details coming up very soon.

If you love Andy, make sure you join the Andy Hallett Online Community on Facebook and Forum. If You don't want to miss a thing and get some personal notes (in your Inbox) from  me then you should suscribe here as well.

If you know any person that would love this place, share with them and let make this big ! Thanks a bunch for helping me in this !! πŸ’š

See you all very soon.


Monday, October 15, 2018

New Lorne Marathon - Join me !

It's been long since I last did a Lorne Marathon so I can't wait to the next one.

I've been having a busy time lately. Trying to set up another business, trying to find the place I belong in the world is never easy. That's why ocasionally I find myself lost in the middle of everything asking myself if this is worth the fight.

Luckily, the answer is always been yes.

As human being I need my time off, I need to serve my time to something else more than work, relaxing my mind from the daily basis and get some fun out there. Or rather, out here.

Since the very first moment I "met" Andy two years ago, my life's been like a bit of a rollercoaster, he's been the star to follow when I felt nothing fit in my world. 

My life seems a bit more calm these days but as busy as then. Andy was then the place to hide and be myself, Andy still is the place where I come back to hide, be myself and relax in the beauty of his heart, voice and face. 

Once said this, please, join me for some Andy Hallett fun, some bit of tribute watching some Angel episodes. 

Episodes we are watching:

Over The Rainbow - Season 2. Ep. 20

Life of the Party - Season 5. Ep. 5

The House Always Wins - Season 4. Ep. 3

Get your DVDs Ready >>>> Watch and Comment at the Forum (You need to log in to chat with me !). Click here to visit the Forum and Join now!

Save the Date:

Next Sunday October 21st 2018 at 5.30 p.m. UK Time, 11.30 a.m. Boston Time, Noon Buenos Aires Time, 8 a.m. L.A. Time, 2 a.m. Melbourne Time.

( I guess it'd last around 2hrs and half)

Wouldn't it be beautiful to have the Andy Hallett Community there?.πŸ’“

Can't wait Sunday to come! Can't wait to have some proper fun with all of you.πŸ™†

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A brief encounter with

I had a meeting downtown where I would meet a client of mine. I was ready to go and win everyone over in that meeting but for some reason I didn't get a taxi cab to drive me to the place. I instead took the underground.

So then something magic happened.

When opening the entry door to the undergroud, a guy was waiting for me right there, holding the door. 

When I looked him in the eye something familiar I found. 

It was Andy.

Not sure what it was but he was definitelty very look alike. His eyes, his mouth, his face, not his nose of course and neither his high. 

But was it a coincidence? Was a sign from up above?.

I believe it was somehow and that evening everything felt different.

Ginny xx